Have you been shopping for quality used cars in Greensboro? Do you currently have a car that you want to trade in for a better one? If so, getting the best value for your trade in can make a huge difference in your monthly payments for your next car or truck. So, be sure you know what to do to optimize your car’s resale value. Here are three of the best ways to start increasing your car’s resale value today. 

Get it detailed 

First impressions count. The better your car looks, the more money you are likely to be offered for it. When your car is pristine, it makes it look like you have cared for your car throughout your ownership. That gives a dealer the impression that it’s less likely that there will be problems or issues with it. It doesn’t cost much to get your car cleaned but it could add hundreds to the price that you are offered.  

Do minor repairs 

In addition to cleaning your car, you could consider carrying out minor repair work. Every little dent that the buyer can find will knock a small amount off the offer. So it can pay to cover up the small scratches on your car or to get your worn out tires replaced. If you can make your car look, feel, and drive as good as new, you’ll maximize the price that you get offered for it. 

Keep thorough documentation 

If you want to sell your car now, get your documentation in order. The more documentation you have, the better you will be able to prove that your car has been cared for. If you don’t want to sell you are just yet, go out of your way now to document everything that you have done to your car. That means every service and every repair. You’ll be rewarded when it comes to selling your car in the future. 

Choose Green Lincoln for the best used cars in Greensboro 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a used car, Green Lincoln is the dealership to choose. Always on the lookout for quality used cars in Greensboro, you can get top dollar for your car. And there’s a fantastic range of used cars for sale, too. Get in touch with the sales team today at (336) 478-2900, browse the online inventory, or head down to the dealership at 3911 W. Wendover Ave. 

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