Many people pay close attention to keeping the carpet inside their homes looking and smelling great. Unfortunately, those same people might overlook the carpet in their cars when it comes to maintenance. As you move in and out of your vehicle each day, dirt and debris are sure to accumulate on the carpet. By cleaning it periodically, you can have a more enjoyable driving experience, and your vehicle interior may last longer, as well. Let’s check out some quick hacks for cleaning your car’s carpet, and remember to turn to Green Lincoln as a leading new car dealership in Greensboro, NC. 

Take Quick Action 

This is one of the best tips you can receive for keeping your vehicle’s carpet clean over the long run. When you notice that something has spilled on the carpet – say your morning cup of coffee – quickly wet the spot and dry it off with a napkin if possible. This first treatment doesn’t have to be a complete cleaning, it just needs to be enough to limit the damage and make it easier to resolve later.? 

Clear the Workspace 

If you are in a rush, you might just start trying to clean your carpet without first clearing out the car. This is a frustrating experience, as you won’t have access to the whole space. Do yourself a favor and take everything out of the car before attempting to clean the carpet. You’ll have more room to work, and won’t have to go back later to get spots you missed.? 

Vacuum First 

Even if you see that there are a couple of stains which need to be treated, get started by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. This is going to do a good initial cleaning, and you will then be able to clearly see problem spots to be addressed later. Visit your local car wash to use a vacuum that is specifically designed to deal with the carpet in cars, and you should find that this task goes by pretty quickly and easily.? 

Time for Stains 

Start this stage by having a quality spot cleaner on hand. Before you treat the noticeable stains that you would like to eliminate, try out your spot cleaner in a discreet location that is not going to be seen normally (under the seats, most likely). Why take this step? Simple – you want to make sure the spot cleaner, or other cleaning product, is not going to change the color of your carpet. Run a quick test in an out-of-sight area and then proceed with the treatment of your stains, assuming the product works just fine with the carpet in your vehicle.? 

Wipe Your Feet! 

Do your best to take care when getting in and out of your vehicle so you can avoid bringing in too much of the outside world. Some dirt is inevitably going to make its way in, of course, but you can keep the damage to a minimum by trying to wipe your feet whenever possible and watching where you step.? 

Learn from a Reputable Car Dealership in Greensboro 

Green Lincoln is a car dealership in Greensboro with a long history and solid reputation. These tips come from years of helping people just like you take care of their cars for years. If you’re in the market for a quality new or used vehicle, visit the showroom at 3911 W. Wendover Ave. Or call (336) 478-2900 to schedule an appointment for a test drive. 

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