Cars are expensive. If you already own a vehicle, you know that to be true. Or, if you are currently shopping for a set of wheels, you may be surprised to find just how much you’ll have to spend for your own ride. With that in mind, it would be great to get as many miles as possible out of your next vehicle purchase, and driving intelligently can help you do just that. Consider the tips listed below, and visit Green Lincoln to find quality cars for sale in Greensboro.? 

Accelerate Gently 

One of the first things you can do to be nice to your car is to accelerate gently whenever possible. Unless a dangerous situation has arisen and you need to really step on it to get out of trouble, try to make it a habit to ease your way onto the gas pedal. Accelerating hard is going to cause the engine to work harder than is necessary, in most cases. Practice smoothly accelerating from a stop, bringing your vehicle up to speed without placing any extra toll on the engine.? 

Brake Gently 

The same logic applies to the other end of the speed spectrum. When the time comes to slow down, do your best to plan ahead and ease your way onto the brakes. You can apply them firmly to stop in a prompt and controlled manner, but try not to jam them on with full force (unless you need to, of course). Rushing up to every stop sign or stop light before braking hard is only going to place undue stress on your brakes and the rest of the vehicle. In terms of both acceleration and braking, it’s in your best interest to be smooth.? 

Keeping Up with Your Service Visits 

Okay – so this isn’t so much a driving habit as it is a car ownership habit. No matter, it is still an important tip, so it belongs on our list. As the miles go by, your vehicle is going to need basic maintenance to remain at its best. Keep up with a schedule of service to have the oil changed, fluid levels checked, etc., and you will give your vehicle a much better chance of holding up over the long run.? 

Avoid the Rough Spots 

It’s inevitable that you will run into some rough spots out on the road. You might encounter speed bumps in parking lots and other locations, and you are sure to find a pothole or two along the way, as well. Do your best to avoid these obstacles, or at least go over them at a slow speed, when at all possible. With speed bumps, your best bet is probably just to slow down and take it easy while your vehicle clears the bump. For potholes, try to avoid them by paying attention to the roadway and steering your vehicle through on a clear path. Of course, you don’t want to make a dangerous move with your car just to stay away from a pothole, so you might have no choice but to hit one from time to time.? 

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