Purchasing a car is a big decision. While some people have the cash on hand to pay for their vehicles, most buyers will need to finance the purchase. That means taking out a car loan, which can be a confusing and intimidating process. If you are a little worried about making the right choices when pursuing a car loan, the tips in this article may help.  

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Not Knowing Your Credit Score 

Before you even walk into the dealership to discuss the purchase of a vehicle, make sure that you know your credit score. This is easy enough to find ahead of time and being armed with this information will help you avoid getting a bad deal. If the dealership runs your credit and tells you that your score is lower than you discovered on your own, you’ll have grounds to argue. Without this information, you would just have to accept what they say – and maybe pay a higher interest rate as a result.  

Agreeing to the Extras 

Everyone who has purchased a vehicle knows the experience of having the finance office trying to upsell various items such as an extended warranty. If you agree to the extras that they want to tack onto the purchase price, you will suddenly be paying far more for your vehicle than you planned at first. Not only will you be dealing with a higher purchase price, but you’ll also be paying interest on those add-ons for the life of the loan. Most likely, it will be in your best interest to just turn down these offers. If you do want to have an extended warranty, you can buy one on your own, without having to finance it.  

Focus on the Monthly Payment 

Many finance departments love to get you to focus on the monthly payment that you will be left with if you purchase a certain vehicle. Rather than focusing on how much you are spending in total – all that money will need to be paid back, with interest, after all – they want you to think only about the monthly payment. Many people wind up spending more than they planned simply because they decide that the monthly payment is tolerable. Do your best to stay away from a negotiation based on monthly liabilities and instead watch the overall cost of the vehicle when all is said and done.  

Feeling the Pressure 

In general, poor decisions are made when you let the pressure of the moment get to you. Remember, this is your purchase, and you don’t need to make anyone else happy. It doesn’t matter what the dealership wants to sell you – it only matters what you want to buy. Make your decisions in advance with regard to your maximum budget, the model you want, and other key points. Then, stick to your choices and don’t let the pressure get to you.  

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